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Online Database Solutions

The coming time is of cloud computing. No need to have  a specific software. Get it done from somewhere else and use your database from anywhere in the world. No need to wait to reach office to access your personal software. Just ask for a cloud software, and we are here for same.

We provide  online database applications for various requirement of various industries either it is sales reports, service reports, inventory database or HR database etc. Please find the further features of online database as below.

  • Easily monitoring of AMC’s, CMC’s, Business expected, reportings of sales, Store details, reportings of service, database of HR etc.

  • The submission format can be accessed from anywhere in world. And company people can submit information from any location in world.

  • The authorized person can view all details from anywhere in world.

  • Authorized person can share this application without sharing his PC.

  • Database can be downloaded in Excel, HTML, PDF & in many other formats.

  • No space consumption on your PC.

  • Searching options, make it more effective. If you want to know the expected business from Gujrat/Rajasthan/Delhi in next month you can see it in that way accordingly.

  • Can be easily embed to your existing website or it can be hosted on our website without any extra cost (FREE !)

To have a complete details, kindly go through the Online Database Solution – APS, Which will show you how it works.

Here, we are providing sample applications for your database requirement. If any further clarification, improvement or any new database format required, kindly contact us.

Abhinandan Sharma


011-45870532, 9310624920


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